Made to measure

Custom designed clothing, to you. You bring the vision, and we will create it.

Made to measure journey

We love bringing your vision to life. If you've got a design or idea that you're wanting to create, contact us and we will work with you to create a garment that is perfectly you. Explore each step in further detail, outlined below.

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Step one

Consultation – this includes creating the design (nothing is definite, and we design with the intention of each piece been fluid throughout the process, which allows for easy
changes). We will take your measurements, organise your deposit and take down your details.

Step two

Your first Fitting – this will be done in a mock fabric, this allows for and enables us to start the process of creating the perfect fit, without compromising your treasured fabric.
Each body is unique, and this step is the most important to achieving a made-to-measure L&B Bespoke piece (at this point you may need an additional fitting in the mock fabric, this will depend on the design and body).

Step three

Second fitting - most often we have now progressed to your fabric of choice. At this stage we
will discuss neckline shape/height, sleeve length, hem length and any additional features to be added to your piece. N.B. If there is additional and/or considerable changes from what has been previously discussed, such as a complete redesign, change of fabric, any extra ornamental detail,
this will incur an additional charge.

Step four

Third and final fitting – at this point you will be collecting your masterpiece with completing a try-on and making final payment. You will have available to you, at your request, a copy of your design pattern.

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Examples of some of our custom pieces...