Clothing alterations in Southport Gold Coast, Australia

Find us at 19 Young St, Southport 4215

Welcome to L&B Bespoke Designs, where we specialise in exceptional alterations.

Building upon the esteemed legacy of Gina Savaris Dressmaking, our in-person store continues to prioritise this transformative service.

Call us on 07 55711909 to organise your alteration, or email us below!

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Our expertise encompasses various aspects of alterations, including:

- Length adjustments: We skilfully shorten or lengthen all garment pieces, ensuring a perfect fit tailored to your specifications.

- Impeccable fit tailoring: Our unique specialty lies in the ability to take in or let out almost any garment, even those not originally intended for such modifications. Witness the extraordinary results that may seem like miracles or magic.

- Personalised redesigns: We breathe new life into your favourite pieces by adding embellishments, incorporating additional design elements, or removing certain features, creating a fresh and unique aesthetic.

Our focus is on...

- Sustainable creations: With a commitment to sustainability, we often repurpose fabric from previous alterations to craft entirely new garments, reducing waste and embracing creativity.

- Tailoring excellence: Alongside our comprehensive alteration services, we specialise in tailoring men's suits, bridal alterations, and delicate evening and formal wear, ensuring exceptional results that honour the garments' sentimental value.

- Unleash your imagination: We embrace unconventional projects, from fabric light fittings to bespoke soft furnishings and even custom team uniforms. Let us turn your unique visions into reality

Call us on 07 55711909 to organise your alteration, or email us below!

At L&B Bespoke Designs, our alterations section showcases our unwavering dedication to craftsmanship, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Trust us to transform your garments into personalised works of art that reflect your individuality and exceed your expectations.

Call us on 07 55711909 to organise your alteration, or find us at 19 Young St, Southport, Australia, 4215 or email us using the form above!